Graffiti Protection Systems

Commonly Used Graffiti Protection Systems

We provide graffiti protection, maintenance and control solutions using only the very best, proven systems, sourced worldwide from specialist manufacturers. Utilising the most cost-effective method for each situation we recommend different methods of graffiti protection, maintenance and control for each asset based on a risk/frequency equation and the specific substrate characteristics.

We have a range of anti-graffiti products for graffiti protection, maintenance and control from different suppliers around the world and access to a specialist coatings research and development laboratory.

Failures of graffiti protection and the risk of damage to substrates are frequently a result of inappropriate system selection and application.

Our most widely used graffiti protection systems are:

Guardian Graffiti SHIELD

Removal From Shield SizedGraffiti Solutions Limited specialises in graffiti prevention, graffiti protection systems and graffiti removal. We are the leaders in our field.

We offer advice on preventing graffiti by access denial, vegetation screening, lighting and security.
We also offer a comprehensive range of world-leading protective coatings and full graffiti removal services.

Graffiti Shield is a high quality sacrificial protective coating. It is designed to provide unobtrusive protection for stone, brick, and concrete surfaces while allowing the egress of moisture and salts.

Shield LogoApplications
Suitable for Porous surfaces Including:

  • Stone
  • Allan Block
  • Concrete
  • Clay Brick and Tile
  • Fibre Cement

Uses of Guardian Graffiti Shield Sacrificial Coating:


ECNZ - Guardian Graffiti ShieldHighly unobtrusive

  • Allows water vapour transmission
  • Remains effective for over ten years
  • Ten-year warranty
  • UV resistant; non yellowing
  • Fast Graffiti resistance; quick drying time
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water repellent
  • Reduces absorption of pollutants
  • Clear, matt finish
  • Graffiti removal using low-pressure hot water






Guardian Graffiti Shield

Guardian Anti Graffiti Coatings

Guardian Anti-Graffiti coatings are permanent (non-sacrificial) coatings which offer long-term protection from graffiti and environmental damage. Numerous removals of graffiti over many years will not damage the protective coating or the underlying substrate.

Suitable for non porous surfaces including:

  • Painted concrete
  • Painted surfaces
  • Plastics / metal / vinyl
  • Signs / banners
  • Wood

Guardian Anti Graffiti Coating features:

  • Permanent coatings
  • Available in 2000 colours or clear
  • Exceedingly resistant to graffiti and solvents
  • UV resistant; non-yellowing
  • Abrasion, chemical, mould and salt air resistant
  • Anti carbonation certified
  • Fast graffiti resistance; quick drying time
  • ISO 9002 manufactured
  • Gloss, satin or matt finishes
  • Simple and fast graffiti removal using Guardian Graffiti remover
  • Durable coating allows for multiple removals over many years
  • Simple cleaning of mould and pollution

GSL Fence Guard

A sacrificial Anti-graffiti Clear Coating specifically designed for the protection of bare timber against the application of graffiti. It contains ingredients which enable any graffiti or paint to be removed easily by steam cleaning. The Siloxane base has no film forming properties and protects the timber by filling the timber pores with siloxane and waxes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy application by brush, roller or airless spray.
  • Fast dry.
  • Longer life than ordinary wax treatments.
  • Optional addition of specific fungicide for long term timber protection.

Technical Data:

Resin Type: Organo-siloxane Emulsion blend.
Solvents: Water
Density: 0.95 Kgs/ Litre
VOC: 1.02 Kg/lt
Coverage: 12 - 16 m² per litre, depending on
porosity of the substrate.


Stir thoroughly before use. Ensure surface to be treated is clean and free of dirt or other loose material. Remove any grease, oil and old sealer film. Water blasting may be necessary. Make sure surface is dry before applying by brush, roller or spray.

Two coats are required to achieve adequate film build as protection

The expected lifespan of GSL Fence Guard will be affected by location, weathering and traffic the surface is subjected to. In exposed heavy traffic areas, recoating may be necessary after 6 – 24 months. Removal of the coating should not be necessary unless it has been disfigured

Any disfigurement by graffiti or other means may easily be removed, along with the coating, by steam cleaning or scrubbing with warm detergent solution. When this is done, the surface should be allowed to dry thoroughly before a further coat of GSL Fence Guard is applied.

GSL Fence Guard is essentially non-flammable and non hazardous.




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Tim Smith receiving Appreciation Award for Graffiti Solutions from Auckland Mayor, Len Brown
Tim Smith, Graffiti Solutions’ Operations Manager, receives an Appreciation Award for Graffiti Solutions from Auckland Mayor, Len Brown, at the Graffiti Vandalism Conference recently. The Award acknowledges GSL’s significant contribution toward graffiti vandalism prevention.

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