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Graffiti is a problem that dates back thousands of years but is a growing concern. Traditionally graffiti has been removed by abrasive blasting and corrosive paint strippers that damage the substrate, or by the expensive alternative of continuous repainting.

Graffiti Solutions is New Zealand’s leading graffiti protection, maintenance & control specialist.

Graffiti Solutions

Graffiti Solutions is New Zealand’s leading graffiti control specialist. Over the years we have developed sophisticated solutions to protect assets and to minimise the frequency and cost of graffiti.

Graffiti Prevention

Graffiti Solutions offers advisory services on graffiti protection & prevention by access denial, vegetation screening, lighting and security.

Graffiti Management Plans

Graffiti Solutions develops and implements Graffiti Management Plans to ensure efficient graffiti control. Graffiti Management Plans are tailor-made for single assets through to whole districts.

Graffiti Removal Service

Graffiti Solutions has a dedicated fleet of vehicles equipped for full graffiti removal services. Removals follow environmentally sound methods, using either hot water or specific graffiti removers. Our removers are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-caustic and are neutralised with water. We offer quality graffiti protection, maintenance & control services carried out by qualified staff in sign-written vehicles and corporate uniforms.

Graffiti Free Guarantee

Graffiti Solutions Limited provides a Graffiti Free Guarantee under which we take ownership of graffiti protection, maintenance & control. This service takes all the hassle of graffiti away from the owner or property manager and provides certainty of cost. We guarantee to keep the property free of graffiti for a yearly fee.

The graffiti will be removed within 24 hours and there is no limit to the number of attacks we will remove.

Graffiti Protection Systems

Graffiti Solutions provides a comprehensive range of world-leading graffiti protection, maintenance & control solutions designed to allow fast removal of graffiti without damage to assets.

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Tim Smith receiving Appreciation Award for Graffiti Solutions from Auckland Mayor, Len Brown
Tim Smith, Graffiti Solutions’ Operations Manager, receives an Appreciation Award for Graffiti Solutions from Auckland Mayor, Len Brown, at the Graffiti Vandalism Conference recently. The Award acknowledges GSL’s significant contribution toward graffiti vandalism prevention.

Understanding Graffiti

Graffiti Protection Systems


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